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Thank you for your interest in Houseworks Daylighting Solutions, LLC.

During the COVID-19 Pandemic we intend to operate our business in a manner to best protect our customers, their families, and our employees.

During this pandemic we will respond to customer emergencies or other pressing issues as soon as possible. We will schedule regular installations as prudently as our schedule, manpower and weather allow. All our employees are required to self-quarantine in the event of any COVID-19 contact. Our office will remain open with limited hours to monitor phone messages and mail. Drop ship or DC pick up for commercial and custom orders will continue to be placed with VELUX USA. HDS pickups and deliveries will be made with face masks required to mitigate unnecessary transmission of this terrible disease. Manufacturing and delivery delays should be expected during the next few months as VELUX and their suppliers are experiencing COVID-related delays.

Thank you for your understanding.

  • Employees will endeavor to maintain a 6-foot distance between themselves and our customers whenever possible.
  • Employees will utilize clean personal protective equipment (booties, surgical mask, gloves) as necessary when entering a jobsite or home.
  • Employees will sanitize hands before entering and after leaving a customer’s home or jobsite.
  • Employees will wipe down surfaces, before leaving, that they may have come in contact with during our time on the jobsite.
  • Employees will avoid touching any surfaces (counters, doors, etc.) that are not part of their work area.
  • Employees should wash their hands as often as possible during the workday and take whatever precautions necessary to limit the spread of the Corona Virus.
  • Customers will not be required to accept offered installation dates, after mandatory quarantine orders are lifted, if they feel they are at risk of exposing the home/family to COVID-19.
  • Customers will not be asked to physically touch or sign any documents. Remote controls will be sanitized before being handed to a customer.
  • Customers may make reasonable requests to have certain work areas tarped or sealed off to avoid the potential spread of the virus.
  • If our employees feel unsafe for any reason they are authorized to pull-off the job until such threat is mitigated.
  • No employee should report to work if they have any symptom of the COVID-19 illness or if they have reason to believe that they have been exposed to someone that may have the disease. If symptoms occur during the workday, all employees on the job should immediately close-up and leave the job to begin quarantine.

About us

We are honored to announce that Houseworks Daylighting Solutions has been named the only VELUX Signature Skylight Specialist in Illinois. We are also the Midwest’s oldest and most experienced Skylight dealer. Established in 2001, Houseworks has grown to service large areas of both Illinois and Iowa. No one sells or installs more VELUX skylights, Sun Tunnels™, and Solar Attic Fans in Illinois and Iowa than Houseworks.

We are proud of our Better Business Bureau Accreditation and carry the highest “A+” rating. We have also been awarded the BBB “Complaint-Free” Award for each of the last nine years; an accomplishment few have achieved. We opened our doors in 2001 and have literally thousands of very satisfied customers. Please call us for references and pricing.


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  • Brings fresh air and daylight into your home
  • Opens and closes with the touch of a remote-control keypad
  • Automatically closes if the weather changes
  • No electrician required…harvests all the energy it needs from the sun
  • Insect screen included, shades available
  • Qualifies for a 26% Federal Tax Credit on both the cost of the skylights and the labor and materials to install them
  • VELUX No Leak promise – properly installed these skylights will not leak
NEW Solar-Powered Venting Skylight

NEW Solar-Powered Venting Skylight

Deck and Curb Mounted Skylight

residential skylights

  • All VELUX glass skylights come with the VELUX No Leak promise.
  • Deck-mounted skylights are generally used on sloped roofs and curb-mounted units are for flat roof applications or over odd-sized openings on any roof.
  • Generally, all VELUX glass skylights are available in fixed and venting options.
  • VELUX offers manual or solar-powered shades for most sizes of glass skylights.


GGU Center Pivot

  • Roof Windows provide emergency exit from rooms where there is no other way out…this is a safety requirement
  • VELUX makes several models of roof windows, some tilt from a center pivot, others open from either the top or the side and one even offers a private balcony
  • Natural ventilation is always available with the weather-proof vent flap.
  • Roof windows come in a variety of sizes many larger than standard skylights
  • Roof access is a benefit of many roof windows


  • The new Dynamic Dome (CD2) is manufactured in 18 stock sizes available for quick shipment
  • Dynamic Domes are available in Luxguard and Luxguard Plus (Polycarbonate) as well as basic acrylic and Impact Modified Acrylic (IMA).
  • Smooth acrylic double domes can be fabricated in any size required up to 99” X 150” and can be made in several shapes include double dome, pyramid and hip-ridge.
  • The smooth acrylic domes are available in white/clear, clear/clear, bronze/ clear and clear/white
  • VELUX also fabricates aluminum curbs to fit their skylights available with fall protection and/or safety cages to meet OSHA rules.



For more information visit our testimonials page where customers share their experiences with Houseworks.

I have received your invoice and am putting a personal check in the mail for the full amount. I am very pleased with the skylights. Your company has been a pleasure


“The 18 year old skylight in my master bathroom had become cloudy and streaked. I sought an installer and learned about Houseworks Daylighting Solutions from Angies list. Their salesman/estimator helped

Harvey K. of Lake Forest, IL

I just wanted to drop a Thank You to your team for the excellent service you provide your customers. We ordered and received two solar skylights and the whole process

Lori M

Houseworks has been working with Weather By Request to help us accurately schedule skylight installations. By employing an experienced, professional meteorologist we can make better decisions regarding weather. Obviously protecting our customer’s property is important, but so is expediting installations on days others don't work because they rely on generic forecasts. Our weatherman tailors his forecasts to areas we are working to increase our efficiency and make our scheduling more reliable.