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Commercial Skylights

Commercial Skylights

  • Houseworks carries roughly $100,000 of skylights and flashings in inventory; we make every effort to have what you need available
  • Much of our inventory is composed of flat glass skylights in standard sizes for residential or commercial use
  • We carry flashing kits for both new and older VELUX skylights in every size
  • The new Dynamic Dome skylights come in 14 stock sizes with several glazing and color options; we keep a supply of 4’ X 4’ Luxguard C/WP in stock
  • Fall protection screens, both interior and exterior are available
  • Commercial skylight curbs are available in stock and custom sizes in both insulated and uninsulated aluminum or steel.


  • VELUX CT2 (mill finish aluminum) frames are completely redesigned featuring 50-year Silicone adhesive, a special glazing spacer to reduce cracking, a 100% thermally broken frame with a thermoplastic inner frame to virtually eliminate condensation
  • Acrylic and Impact Modified Acrylic (IMA) custom sizes are available from 99” X 150”
  • Polycarbonate (Luxguard & Luxguard Plus) custom sizes are available from 68” X 120”
  • Standard colors include Clear over Clear, Bronze over Clear, Clear over White and Clear over White Prismatic
  • New OSHA Guidelines remove the “OSHA Compliant” label. New rules specify that skylights be able to carry a static load at least two times the maximum expected load.
  • VELUX Luxguard is 15 times stronger than basic acrylic and comes with a fifteen-year warranty (verse a fire-year warranty on acrylic)


  • The CG2 redesigned skylight frame replaces the CMA
  • Five stock sizes (for immediate shipment) and custom sizes up to 102” X 150” are available
  • The acrylic frame is VELUX neutral gray and is 100% thermally broken
  • This skylight is available in C/W, B/C and C/C acrylic domes only


  • Improved Light Harvesting – The taller profile and unique shape captures more sunlight especially during low-light periods (morning and evening)
  • 100% diffusion – Using the clear-smooth outer-dome over white prismatic inner-dome provides the most efficient diffusion while delivering up to 20% more light
  • Uncompromised Strength -- Integrating a repeating pattern of ridges and ribs creates a skylight that will not invert
  • Superior Water Management – The Dynamic Dome utilizes a fail-safe proprietary wicking system that evacuates condensation to the outside
  • Secure Thermal Seal – the frame is 100% thermally broken which virtually eliminates condensation and provides a secure weather seal
  • Competitive Pricing – High volume pre-formed manufacturing and a unique design that enables the skylights to nest allow for compounded savings in both production and freight


  • 50-year Silicone adhesive
  • Glazing Spacer designed to reduce noise for expansion/contraction
  • Inner Dome rests on material with similar expansion durability
  • One-piece Thermoplastic inner frame creates a 100% thermal break and a fail-safe path for water to drain outside of the skylight

VELUX can provide several options for fall-protection

  • The safety of others is of the utmost importance to Houseworks
  • All skylight openings should be protected from falls
  • Recent changes in the OSHA regulations require that everyone pay attention to fall-protection…the is no OSHA Compliant skylight anymore
  • All VELUX fall protection accessories are tested to withstand at least 400lb static load

VELUX supplies standard and custom-sized curbs for flat-roof application.

  • CCA3 double-wall and CCA6 single-wall galvanized steel curbs are factory insulated and come in 9”, 12”, 16” and 18” heights. The are made for the 18 standard Dynamic Dome sizes and come with safety screen standard
  • CCAM double-wall and CCAN single-wall insulated aluminum curbs come in 9”, 12”, and 16” heights with optional safety screen available
  • Aluminum curbs come in 18 standard sizes however custom sizes are available
  • All steel curbs (CCA3 & CCA6) are shipped separate from the skylights direct to customer. Aluminum curbs can ship with skylights pre-attached or separate
  • VELUX safety screen accessories meet the new OSHA static load requirement